Ear Ache My Eye




Dun nun nun
Dun nun nun
Dun Dun Dun
My Momma talk to me, try to tell me how to live
But I don’t listen to her, ‘cos my head is like a sift
My Daddy, he disowned me, ‘cos I wear my sisters clothes
He caught me in the bathroom, with a pair of pantyhose
My basketball coach, he just kicked me off the team
For wearing high heel sneakers, and acting like a queen

Gonna tie my pecker to a tree to a tree Gonna tie my pecker to a tree
Gonna tie his pecker to a tree

Get your boogie off

Go Head

The earth is coming to an end and I don’t give a doon
As long as I have my bitch
Oh I’m a,
fuck You
It don’t bother me if people think I’m funny
Cos I’m a big rock star, and I make lots of money
Money, money, money.

Are you talking petsos?

Money, ka ching, Ha, ha, ha.
Lots of money

I’m so bloody rich

Lots of money, Lots of motherfuckin’ money
I get looks

Ha, ha, ha

I own shopping centres, parking lots, and stocks, and all that shit

Ha, ha, ha

I own you, ha, you too, you three
For me, he he, oh oh

Get your groove on
Let’s bring it back one more time Jonathan
Jonathan on them drums, getting ever slower, more groovin’, slow that shit down
Crazy slow, come on, death, right here, slow, ah
Don’t give a fuck, break it out
You even know, Boy George is on heroin
We don’t give a fuck
Rick James is in the crack house
I’m fuckin’ paying, that’s all that matters
Ha ha ha ha, ahhh, ha ha ha

The Firm is a fuckin’ in the house
Loco! Ooooh aahhh oooo
Gimme some.

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