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Last time



I wanna tell the story about the way I used to live
My only girl, my only love was sleeping about me
I fetch so much inside my heart for only her to give
But everything is gone because of me
She deserves much more, she is like on everlasting love
Nothing can compares to her, nothing stays above
Lord, I know I spoilt and everything it s all my fault
But I want you back and I need her to know

I m begging last time, one more time
Forgive me for the hurt that I have brought in to your life
I m crying, I m dying
I really need to say
Can t go on without you, baby
Day you left become the last day of my life
Oh, I used to think she will always be with me
Didn t understand what I have in the reality
Never ever thought that I could be so hurt and lost
But I need you back, I want to know
No, baby let s just talk to you that s all I m asking for
Did I left to meet you then to loose
I don t wanna leave I really mean I wanna go
For a way where nothing hurts

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