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Introduction to Our Mission

At Sazalem, we are on a mission to cultivate and promote Kazakh culture through our innovative music platform. Our vision is to provide a platform that showcases the rich diversity of Kazakh music and empowers both artists and listeners to connect, discover, and celebrate the beauty of Kazakh musical heritage.

Statistics - Join a Thriving Music Community

At Sazalem, we have built a thriving music platform with an impressive user base and engagement statistics. Here are some key statistics that highlight the growth and popularity of our platform:
1 Million Downloads Our music app has been downloaded by over 1 million users, demonstrating the widespread appeal and reach of our platform.
15,000 Daily Active Users:Partnership With a dedicated and engaged user base, we have an active community that interacts with our platform on a daily basis.
Biggest User Communities Our platform boasts one of the largest and most passionate user communities in the music industry. By partnering with Sazalem, you gain access to a vast audience ready to discover and engage with your brand.
20,000 Reviews with a 4.9 Rating Our users consistently rate Sazalem highly, with 20,000 reviews averaging a remarkable 4.9 rating. This demonstrates the quality of our platform and the satisfaction of our users.

Collaborations and Opportunities

Sazalem offers a range of collaboration opportunities for partners and companies looking to tap into the music industry and connect with a highly engaged audience.
In-App Audio Ads
Promote your brand or products through targeted in-app audio ads, reaching our vast user base while they enjoy their favorite music. Our ad placement ensures maximum visibility and impact.
Ad Banners
Utilize strategically placed ad banners within our app to capture users' attention and increase brand visibility. Benefit from our strong user engagement and drive traffic to your products or services.
Special Projects and Events
We offer special project collaborations, including concerts, live events, and exclusive experiences. Partnering with Sazalem on these initiatives allows you to align your brand with the vibrant music scene and create memorable experiences for our users.
Support for Artists and Promotions
Collaborate with Sazalem to support local artists and promote their music. Sponsorships, brand partnerships, and artist collaborations provide opportunities for both brand exposure and artist development.
Winning Prizes and Contests
Engage with our user community by sponsoring contests and providing exciting prizes. This not only boosts brand awareness but also enhances user loyalty and engagement.

Meet Our Team of Experts in Management, Product, and Tech

Behind Sazalem stands a team of passionate and dedicated professionals with expertise in management, product development, and technology. Our team is committed to delivering an exceptional music experience, driving growth, and creating a lasting impact on Kazakh culture.
From our visionary leaders to our skilled engineers and creative minds, we bring together diverse talents and a shared passion for preserving and promoting Kazakh music.

Collaborate with Sazalem and Unlock the Power of Music

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