One love сөзі




It's kind a funny how life can change,
Can flip 180 in a matter of days.
Sometimes love works in mysterious ways,
One day you wake up gone without a trace.


I refused to give up,
I refused to give in.
You're my everything,
I don't wanna give up.
I don't wanna give in, oh no,
Everybody sings.

One love - for the mother's pride,
One love - for the times we cried,
One love - gotta stay alive,
I will survive…
One love - for the city streets,
One love - for the hip-hop beats.
One love, Oh I do believe,
One love is all we need.

Late at night I'm still wide awake,
Feel this is far more than I can take.
I thought my heart could never break,
Now I know that's one big mistake.


Baby, just love me love me love me,
Baby, just hold me hold me hold me,
Oh, love me love me love me…


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