Sorrowful Angels

Patty Loveless

Mountain Soul



She loved him most when his eyes were gray
The palest shade of a winter day
They filled her with a raging fire
And a bittersweet desire

She shined for him like candlelight
That softly beckons in the night
But he said no right to her face
Then simply turned and walked away

All Heaven watched from way on high
True love given and denied
And while her heart was broke and bleeding
Sorrowful angels wept into their wings

She wore him like a lock and chain
Only in dreams she spoke his name
By day it slipped upon her tongue
The taste of unrequited love

Now her hair is long and gray
The palest shade of a winter day
She never took a ring of gold
She swears she never loved a soul
Patty Loveless Sorrowful Angels lyrics, Patty Loveless 2001


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