Beautiful People

Modern English

Pillow Lips



If you know how I'm feeling,
You'll hear just what I say,
About the world outside your window,
Let's take it all the way.

Beautiful People,
Flowers in your hair,
Far too caring for the world out there,
I love your voice,
Beautiful People,
Love, love, love,
Beautiful People.

It came to me this morning,
On a wing and a prayer,
These words are for the people,
Three's so much we can share,


Love, love, love

I want to know,
Will these thoughts ever go,
For the rest of my life,
Will I feel these words are right.

When you use your voice,
Everyone can hear it.

[Chorus x2]

Beautiful People, yeah,
All we need is love, love, love
[Repeated to fade out]
Modern English Beautiful People lyrics, Modern English 1990


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