She Will Freestyle




Really this just isn’t fair
Hearing voices in my ears
Someone get some glasses because
I’m seeing shit that isn’t there
Making haters disappear, killing all the rest off
You need GPS just to find out where we left off
I’m losing my mind, I swear
Ya’ll know that I’m on one
Ya’ll ain’t ripping me like a yellow page phonebook
What is it you thought bruh?
Naw, what is it you wonder?
Because I’m always going in but I’m never going under
Because I stay sky high, moonwalking on the clouds
I can’t hear these haters if these niggas isn’t talking loud
I got my goons with me and we on tonight
We gotta drink a bottle boy just to feel right
Throw it like I stole it, hot potato flow
Who’s really trying to hold it?
None of ya’ll, I’ll kill every one of ya’ll
Flow is so potent, you could wrap my lyrics in a paper and smoke it
Dopest kid that there ever was and ever will be
No, I’m not Bill but these ladies wanna kill me
I’m a loaded weapon, there ain’t no way to conceal me
And even if you paralyzed you still gonna feel me

She will, yeah I bet that she will
If she wants me, yeah she will
Yeah, yeah
She will, she gon’ get it
All my fans, all my friends
That they will understand me
When I make it
I just want these bitches naked and they will
Because I’m so pretty, I’m so cute
And I look like a bum in that jean jacket
You wish you could but you’ll never have it
Because I will and you won’t
Because I’m good and you’re not

Confessions of a teenager, you in danger
When you see me I will
Just floss, like dental
I’m mental, my shit is so ill
It’s insane, yeah it’s crazy, it’s crazy
Hey baby, believe me that I will
Shut down your city, don’t make it rain
I’ll make it snow, I’ll make it thunder
Thunderstorm, do like Nipsey, have a thunderdome
Shout out Mr. Man, you know that we on
Cause we will, yeah, look at Mitch, look at Chris
Yeah, your bitch, she loves them
And she will do whatever they want, we got it like that
Yeah, fuck this a long track
I’m gonna keep it going, what’s that?
Not for me and my brain is insane so I don’t need weed
All I need is to eat and drink some coffee
It gets me hype, it gets me hype
I’m your bitch’s type
Yeah, because I’m tight
Oh, yeah, look at the swag, look at the swag, look at the swag
Fully Laced game, because you can buy the riches and you can buy the rags
But ain’t no sign that says they sell swag
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