King Lil G

Hood Money



Take me away baby
Girl you blow my mind
Take me away

[Verse 1:]
I see you, there standing
Perfection, you got it
Your body, I want it
Addictive, I'm cautious
Your lips I can't resist
I wanna kiss
Come give it to me
Your sexiness
Your elegance
Naturally seduced me
I feel my blood rushing
From your seduction
I think about you baby
I visualize us fucking
I feel like I'm falling for you
There's no way for me to ignore you
Your pussy's bomb, you know it
Now, how can I not adore you?

She takes me to ecstasy
Girl I want you
I see you want me
You got that tight shit
Yeah, yeah, that right shit
The type to call you my bitch
Girl you got the bomb

[Verse 2:]
First we conversated
Than got intoxicated
We made love, kissed and touched
To a point we got x-rated
I ripped the panties off
I left the lights on
I wanted to see her face expression all night long
She moved her body like a strippa
But she don't strip
I don't trip
She's the shit
Moved it so I'm losing it
Stay still, let it slip
It was wet, bout to drip
Let it drip, it's okay
I'm trying to focus
Oh shit


[Verse 3:]
Girl, imma show you I can fuck it up
Till it hurts
Till it's numb
Till you say "that's enough"
I'm not done
Please do this for me
And just keep your stilettos on
One more thing walk slow
Lose the panties
Lose the bra
What's the point of me dissing you?
When now I'm fucking you
Kissing you
Missing you
Mami I'm so into you
We need to take it real slow
Take ya to a place that you've never been shown
Do it on the bed
On the couch
On the floor
We need to try shit
Are you flexible?

King Lil G Ecstasy lyrics, King Lil G 2009


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