That's The Good News


Queen Of Denmark



[Spoken in German:]
Hallo, Johnny.
Ich bin's, du...
Ich find dein Benehmen gestern irgendwie etwas daneben.

You cannot trust me I will stab you in the back
I'll sell your grandma on the street to buy some crack
If crack is not available I'll buy gelato
You have to take things as they come that is my motto

I'm laying groundwork for your ultimate demise
But you can't see that when you look into my eyes
I have been fucked over a thousand times or two
And now I feel that I must take it out on you

And that's the good news
That's the good news, baby

When you talk to me I am vomiting inside
I think that vomit is what killed my inner child
When I look at you I am filled with violent rage
I feel like telling you that you should act your age

All I can talk about is your ineptitude
And how that little ass of yours looks just like food
Your taste in clothing is of low concern to me
It's just a reflection of your stupidity

And that's the good news
That's the good news, baby

Das sind die guten Nachrichten
Das sind die guten Nachrichten, Baby
JOHN GRANT That's The Good News lyrics, JOHN GRANT 2010


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