Stronger (Scriptures Riddim)




[Verse 1:]
I've tried a life time to find you
Give me a moment just to remind you
Of the love we've not made before
The reason you can't close this door
I see confusion in your eye
And maybe your a little surprised
The way we make love under the moon light
Tomorrow you'll see the new light

Come away in a dream
This world is not what it seems
There be no gold on the end of the rainbow
Birds don't fly anywhere that the wind blow

Come away in a dream
Life is not what is seem
Happiness don't always live forever
But my love is getting stronger everyday
Stronger everyday

[Verse 2:]
They tell me that diamonds are your friends
But diamonds won't be there in the end
I give you my love to remember
I keep you happier, happier, happier
You should be mi bonefy
Nothing in this world can justify
Love inna yo heart for I and I
It's You and I, You and I baby
Maybe it's just faith
A time wi simply be waiting
Is a chance to practice together
We can go in search of forever

[Chorus x2]
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