It's A Beautiful Life


Chain Lightning



I wish my brain would operate instead of standing still, it's all so complicated.
The thread of my own thoughts is disappearing to what seems to be a logical conclusion, I guess I've run out of ideas.
I've heard a million songs about this and that and it gave me satisfaction.

But I see, it's a beautiful life

Now comes the second verse and I have to at least keep the measure straight
It's been a long time and I'm really insecure about it all, I guess I didn't like seeing the things I saw.
Who needs it?
It's been a little painful, and I hope I don't like pain, 'cause I'd hate to think of myself like that.

'Cause I see, it's a beautiful life

How did I ever let some of those ideas out of the box?
It was just a feeling I had, and I liked the verses, they were so nice and even.
My eye will never be that good again.
I lost a certain sense of rhythm, but I gained a certain sense of time.

'Cause I see, it's a beautiful life

I like the old things, but I can't give up the idea of trying something just a little bit different, even if it's stupid.

'Cause I see, it's a beautiful life
Yes I see, it's a beautiful life
And I see, it's a beautiful life
DON MCLEAN It's A Beautiful Life lyrics, DON MCLEAN 1978


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