Holding All The Roses



Wave your flag so everybody can see it
Blow your horn and let em' know you've arrived
Stand up tall there ain't no way they can miss you
Tip your hat and keep a wink in your eye

Looking good sharp enough to draw blood
Go on and get em like you said you would

Throw your pearls to the swine behind you
They'll all wave at you on your way down
There's so many that have come before you
Somebody lost every pearl you found

Whatever it is that boy's got it
Never seen nothing like it before
He's like a cross between this one and that one
I'm here to tell you my jaw hit the floor

I'm bad with names but remember a face
Stick with me son we'll run this place

Some fall so hard they shatter
How can you know how to lose
I may not have the pearls of wisdom
All I got's the beautiful truth
key:BLACKBERRY SMOKE Pearls lyrics


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