My Home Town


Tomorrow Never Comes



Done a lot things I'm sorry
For things I wouldn't do anymore
But my biggest mistake of all
Was leaving my home town

Since then my foolish thoughts have died
Grass isn't really greener on the other side

I'm goin' home
Goin' to that city where people care about you
They won't forget you're there
There's a cloud of love
And it's hovering over my hometown

Pretty girls see a lonely you
And in a little while you're walkin' two by two

I'm goin' home
Going to my home town
Yeah, my home town
Back to my home town
Oh, my home town

I'm goin' home
Goin' to that pretty girl who once was mine
Oh, it's been a long long time
And there's a sign saying ten more miles to my hometown

Looking through the misty dawn
I see the city lights and they're waving me on

To my home, to the city I love
That's my home town, oh, my home town
To the home I love, that's my home town
To the city I love, yeah, my home town
To the place I love, oh, my home town
B.J. THOMAS My Home Town lyrics, B.J. THOMAS 1966


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