Have A Heart




Woman I hear what you say.
Now and then you've gotta get away.
But when your now and then start to coming every day,
I fall apart.
Baby, have a heart.
See what I'm going through,
Afraid I'm losing you,
Never knowing where you're going or what you might do.
I'm in the dark.
Won't you?

Have a heart.
Stop my world from falling apart.
Oh Honey, have a heart.
Can't you see what you're doin' to me?

Last night I had a dream.
It was the strangest thing,
'Cause in my dream my fears became reality.
Oh Darlin',
I watched you as you ran,
To the arms of another man.
And as I saw him touch the one you know I love so much,
I fell apart.


Baaaaaby, Baaaaby, Baaaabyyyyyy,

[CHORUS to fade out]
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