Baby Cried


Tomorrow Never Comes



Baby is the only name I've called her
Ever since the day she came my way
And told me she was lonely
When I asked her why baby cried

She told me that no boy ever held her hand
Sixteen and she couldn't understand
Why no one paid attention, yeah
When I held her hand baby cried

Then she told me that no boy ever held her tight
Only the ones in her dreams at night
Then rushing she started running, yeah
I caught her, I held her tight, baby cried

And as I held her tenderly
The strangest feeling came over me
And it told me I too was lonely
Then I kissed her lips, baby cried

And I cried, yeah, baby cried
And I cried, baby cried
B.J. THOMAS Baby Cried lyrics, B.J. THOMAS 1966


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