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Empowering Artists and Authors in the Local Music Scene

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Introduction to Our Mission

At Sazalem, we are on a mission to cultivate and promote Kazakh culture through our innovative music platform. Our vision is to provide a platform that showcases the rich diversity of Kazakh music and empowers both artists and listeners to connect, discover, and celebrate the beauty of Kazakh musical heritage.

Benefits of Working with Us

At Sazalem, we are more than just a music platform. Our mission is to support and amplify the local music scene while educating people about the significance of enriching their cultural heritage. By working with us, artists and authors gain access to a range of benefits that ensure their success and growth.
  • Transparency
  • Professionalism
  • Tech savvy
  • Win-win opporopportunities
  • 24/7 Support

How We Pay Our Artists and Authors

Artists Registration and Compliance
To get started, artists register on our platform and go through a compliance process to ensure the integrity of our community. We value professionalism and ensure that all members meet our guidelines and standards.
Song and Album Uploads
Once registered, artists have the freedom to upload their songs and albums directly to our platform. This process is straightforward and allows artists to showcase their work to a wider audience.
Monitoring and Cash-Out
We provide artists and authors with the tools to monitor their music streams, giving them real-time insights into the popularity and success of their content. Artists can easily track their earnings and cash out at any time by transferring funds directly to their bank accounts.

How Our Artists and Authors Earn and Scale with Us

We believe in a win-win partnership where both parties grow and benefit. As artists and authors gain exposure on Sazalem and their music generates more listens, their earning potential increases. The more listeners engage with your music, the more you earn in royalties. Sazalem is dedicated to supporting your artistic journey and helping you scale your career within the local music industry.

Join Sazalem and Be a Part of the Cultural Renaissance

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