Mud Puddle


This Might Sting A Little



I know your heart and you mean well
Sometimes you don't care how I feel
All the stories I can tell how you make me feel like I'm in hell

I know if I could I'd really love to let it go
[Ephesians 4:26-27]
I know that I should turn my cheek for another blow
[Matthew 5:39]
I should do good when you do me bad
[Matthew 5:44]
All the forgiveness that my Saviour had
[Luke 23:34]

I feel like dying when you curse me up one end
And down another
[James 3:8-10]
I get disgusted when the way you kill me seems so subtle
You left me crying in a mud puddle

I see the anger in your eyes
My every action you despise
Just to win the argument you hit me square below my belt

I will repay evil with good
[Matthew 5:44]
I will release my bitterness
[Hebrews 12:14-15]
I give you my forgiveness
[Matthew 6:14]
I hope you liked my flowers
[Romans 12:20]
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