Supa Hot

Nicki Minaj



Okay, okay
Me I’m the barbie I’m supahot.
When I’m in the dealership should I get the coupe or not?
Should I get the roof or drop?
Should I get the choo-choo truck?
Crazy I get boo koo bucks, coo coo for dem coo coo puffs
I’m coo coo for coo coo puffs
Got money in my louis duff
And I got a nasty flow, bitch I spit that gooey stuff
It’s goin D-0-W-N-N-N
I am da barbie were the fuck is ken ken ken?
I be on the 147 in the rock
That’s my block New York City to the top tippy top
Buss a shot
I seh, I be on 147 in the rock that’s my block
New York City to the top
Tippy top buss a shot!

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