You are the reason,
You're the secret of my happy days.
You're the one who made me better,
Showed how to be brave.
There is no one in this world,
With whom I feel so great.
But now you are away,
I know that it's too late.

I wish that you were mine,
You are, always on my mind.
Come back, we'll work it out,
Only with you I can be alright.

By the time I realize,
That you are the only one.
Long time no seen oh baby,
You were forever gone.
I felt the something between us,
When complete me wrong.
Oh baby let me know,
And please just come back home.


Don't understand what really,
Happened between us.
It seemed it was so perfect,
This is in the past.
I will remember baby,
When you told me off.
And crazy time when you,
Were giving me all your love.
Назгүл Токтакунова, With you lyrics, 0
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