Car Show





Uno, get down, dos, get down
Uno, get down, uno, dos, tres

College park (stay with us), East Point, Decatur, Downtown Atlanta

[Jagged Edge: Verse 1]
Roll up at the spot, I seen her had to meet her
I was at the bar, sippin' and I'm leanin'
I just, had to get attention, but didn't wanna mention
How, she just wasn't lookin'
And this ain't what I'm feelin'
Now, movin' on, to bout to have you later
And now, she's my girl, I knew that I wasn't playin' and its
Better than my friendship, it's kinda like my pension cause I'm savin' all
my funds up
And I'm gonna spend it long long long...

[Chorus (2x):]
She keeps me spinnin' like the blades on my rims and
She keeps me winning so I can't trade her in and
She keeps me bumpin' up and down like a 6 - 4
She keeps my engine runnin' hot like a car show

[Verse 2]
She's my movie star and I'm her director
Sweat, in the car, driving as fast as we can go
She's gonna be all on me, kissin' me touching me
I don't wanna stop right now, she doesn't wanna stop neither
She's a sexy girl, shaped like a coke bottle
Or a fancy car the prototype model
She's got curves in all around spots, keep my engine runnin' hot
I don't wanna slow it down, I'm gonna let her go...


[Big Boi from OutKast]
Now get my damn trophy
The way she's movin' like chest and checker
Black white any color gotta respect her
Double decker flat yea body gotta protect her
Together weather the storm to things get better, never
Fall to the waist, I grace, I cry
Lifeless, lemme add some color to that shine
I like this, bittin', fuckin', all of this for nothing
Should've gotten an old shit or somethin'
Some old fools bubblin' and that's what we becomin'
See, you used to be comin', when the engine was runnin'
Now ?? and you ain't that woman
Mmm, damn, I hate that frontin'
I hate just bumpin' in just case you was wondering
Most wantin' a million and how you wantin' a hundred
I done done it, I done done it, I done done it, ho, I done done it

[Jagged Edge: Hook 2X]
Up and down like a 6 - 4, party bumpin' hot dro
Droppin' tops and way more, hot like car show
Y'all know how we do, keep it true no see through
Now I gotta roll it and and we bout to roll (out out out)

She keeps me spinnin' like them blades on my rims man
She keeps me winning so I can't trade her in man
She keeps it bumpin up and down like a 6 - 4
She keeps my engine runnin' hot like a car show


Ride ride ride...
Feel so good...

[Chorus to fade]
JAGGED EDGE Car Show lyrics, JAGGED EDGE 2003


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