Southern Hospitality



Laughter, that's so part of her
Is something that we haven't heard
In such a long, long time
Replaced with crying, long sleepless nights
She needs Your power Lord
[Psalm 145:11]
Pour it all over
[Joel 2:28-29]
In her darkest hour Lord
[Psalm 18:4-6]
Pour it all over

'Cause I know You love her more than I could love her
[Ephesians 3:18-19]
You've already given more than I could offer
[1 John 5:11]
So I put my hope in You,
[Psalm 39:7]
'Cause I know You can save her
[John 3:17]
Jesus, Savior
[Matthew 1:21]

The problem hidden inside
Is screaming something's not right
And I would lay down my world
To reach out and fix what's broken in her

Deep within every stripe is the hope that I find within You
[Isaiah 53:4-5 / 1 Peter 2:24]
DISCIPLE Savior lyrics, DISCIPLE 2008


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