Back Down To The Grave


Winter Kills



Ruin is the way!
So vicious is your gaze.
It puts men down in their coffins early!
Haunted by a memory…
Of time,
Wasted by you
Wasted by me…
Thoughts of what was meant to be!
By the way,
Ruin is the way.
So vicious it…
Makes them suffer!
Fucking run for cover!
You’re good from far but far…from
Good intentions
Never learned those lessons!
You need confession now!
It’s.. Irrelevant
Just… what you want
Take it!
Back down to the grave,
Just admit it’s not your day
Filthy as a thought to see
Outstretched in memory
Back down to the grave
Just admit it you can’t be saved
You’re filthy as a memory
Outstretched for all to see
You’re a superstar of dysfunction!
It’s a miracle that you function!
Gonna put you in a coffin early, so early!
Haunted by the way that it was.
It ended because you... made me suffer

Just make your move
It’s much better than being a marked man
It makes them suffer
I’ll make it out of this place
If I don’t make it out alive at least they’ll hear my cries,
Hear my cries

Makes me suffer Back down to the grave
DEVILDRIVER Back Down To The Grave lyrics, DEVILDRIVER 2013


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