I Like Soda




I like soda
I am so thirsty,
Give me a drink bitch.
Now I'm sitting here now's your chance.
I'm gonna stab your hand you had the chance to get me a soda.
You dumb slut you little fuck what is your problem.
I am going to stab you in the throat,
Until I drink all of your soda.
I still see you,
I see cold beverage.
I can't, want your service bitch,
Give me my soda baby,
I need some soda give it to me now,
I want it inside of me.
Oh yeah that feels good.
Shout out to my boy Dr. Pepper,
Shout out to my boy Mr. Pibb,
Shout out to my boy Diet Sprite,
Shout out to my boy regular Sprite,
Shout out to my boy Cherry Pepsi,
Shout out to my boy Mountain Dew,
Shout out to my boy Orange Crush,
And a shout out out to Coca Cola.
You can't stop sipping now go get your big gulp,
You filthy filthy slut.
That's right I said slut.
[x7] dude.
Rest in peace sir
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