Club Disco



Girls and boys are checkin each other
Steppin up getting harder n’ faster
(From the hip, going down down)
Inside beats drop, lettin it go
Outside heads get ready to blo-w
(Kickin off, feel it now)

You got me going like this
You got me goin like that
Cos we’re takin it in
And we ain’t givin it back

We got nothin to lose
We’re getting outta control
Because it’s somethin like this
Ya never felt before

Ooh, gonna take it right through to sunrise
(Till the morning light)
Ooh, gonna take it right through to sunrise
(Keep it up all night)
Break it hard now get it on
Keepin it up, till tomorrow comes
Ooh, gonna take it right through to sunrise

Uptown words out, spreadin like fire
(On the streets, in the bars & the underground)
Down town, they can’t get any hotter
(Smoke it in, breathe it out, shi-sha)

I’m movin out to the left
Getting off on the right
And if we’re breakin ya in
We’ll take it all through the night

The mood is pickin us up
And we’re all catchin the wave
Don’t wanna leave it behind
We’re goin all the way

key:DANNII MINOGUE Sunrise lyrics


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