Hey Girl




The plane goes up, up,
Here we go again, single life livin
But every time we hang
Party, shows, and clubs
This girl’s always there
Could she be a, could she be a, could she be a fan
I don’t know, I don’t care
Yeah I’m just a man and yeah she’s just a girl
That got a lot fans, she’s got a lot of style and got a lot of cash
And even from behind she’s got a lot of ass

They gon say that you got what I got
Money and cars, cars and all the clothes
They gon say that you rock what I rock
It aint a secret everybody knows
Hey Girl, tell me what your name is
Hey Girl, why you seem so famous
Hey Girl, you’re close to the life of a celebrity
Can I take you home with me

So now we up, up
After bed time, breakfast in bed for ya baby cuz your mine
Now I aint gonna lose a prize possession in my grasp
Get it only once you can lose it so fast
I could only think of such a great creation
You are the original the others imitated
Got me feelin like a million times two
When I’m playin?
The sky is the limit I’m takin you in


[Pause for beat breakdown]

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