Silence And The End Of All Things


Still Got Legs



It's funny
I thought if you could hear me I could hang on somehow
Silly me
You waited
You waited for twelve years and now you're leaving me

When you wake up you'll have a mum and dad
But I'll be just a story (But I'll be just a story)
That's ok, we're all stories in the end
So live well and love Rory (Live well and love Rory)

Silly old Doctor
A daft old man who stole a box and ran away
In your dreams
I'll still be there with all the days that never came

That box is new and ancient, big and little at the same time
It won't leave you (It won't leave you)
And the times we would have had, now never had
Inside that box all blue as blue

The cracks are closing
But they won't stop 'til I am on the other side
Bye bye Pond
I think I'll skip the rest of the rewind...

I don't belong here anymore
You know I hate repeats (You know I hate repeats)
Amelia the girl who waited
No longer will you wait for me (No longer will you wait for me)
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