This Is Rome


Time Flys, Life Dies... Phoenix Rise



[Verse 1 - Canibus:]
Every soul is sold - This is Rome
The money not backed by gold - This is Rome
Loads for your chariots and homes - This is Rome
The Emperor has no clothes - This is Rome
Russell Crowe just like me - This is Rome
Everything a warrior can be - This is Rome
Me and Jahmen'll fight the beast - This is Rome
Joaquin Phoenix in the streets - This is Rome
Every single motherfucker is confused - This is Rome
The ugliest piece of ass in the room - This is Rome
Nobody knows what they gon’ do - This is Rome
Every talkin’ point is all true - This is Rome
More conquests for the war chest - Rome
Everybody wanna be the best - Rome
Corruption is the path to respect - Rome
Assassin with a knife to your neck - Rome
The illusion is too much to bear - Rome
History falls on deaf ears - Rome
My ears still ringing from the cheers - Rome
Till the wheels fall off no fear - Rome
Prepare for the army to invade - Rome
The good times are over Germaine - Rome
Come here you, what is your name? - Rome
Now they gon’ turn you to a slave - Rome
Do you not like how I sing? - Rome
Would you prefer to do your own thing? - Rome
Come, let us be merry and drink - Rome
How dare you not kneel, kiss the ring - Rome
Sabotage through espionage - Rome
The Black Knight satellite watch - Rome
Destruction of the enemy is a art - Rome
There is no more rule of law - Rome
The Senate will take recess now - Rome
They’ll walk around bare foot style - Rome
You whore! Your titties hang out - Rome
Caesar will have sex with your child - Rome
Zeus will release the Kraken - Rome
The revelation seven headed dragon - Rome
You do-done do-done niggas still rappin’? - Rome
You motherfuckers won’t know what happened - Rome
Our prophets gonna smash it to the moon - Rome
The Vatican City is doomed - Rome
Romulus howl at the moon - Rome
The Antichrist rise from the tomb - Rome
Blood will flood through the valleys - Rome
The hounds of Hell will be happy - Rome
Peace to Black Rob, holler at me - Rome
I speak the truth they still attack me - Rome
Yo I don’t even care no more - More
They don’t want peace they want war - War
Nostradamus crystal ball -Ball
Says the rich will perish with the poor - Poor
Now it’s too late to repent - Rome
The Holy Spirit has no more strength - Rome
The General is drunk in his tent - Rome
Surrounded by homosexual men - Rome
Everybody needs gas masks to breathe - Breathe
Plagued by sickness and disease - Disease
The elite scream, “Run away and leave!” - Leave
We have no more leaders to lead - Rome
We brought this upon ourselves - Selves
We got caught up in the spells - Spells
For whom the bell tolls don’t tell - Rome
We traded our Heaven for Hell - Rome
We failed to stop chemtrails - Rome
The worldwide hunk of death mail - Rome
We cared too much about our bills - Rome
And we never communicated well - Rome
Now we gon’ get what we deserve - Deserve
We turned our backs on God’s word- Word
You were too cynical to learn - Learn
I cried out till my throat burned - Burned
God will not clean up your mess- Rome
You humans are so quick to forget- Rome
All you have now is regret- Rome
You figure out what to do next- Rome
It was written that this happened before- Rome
Every cycle of the black star- Rome
Time flies, life dies- Rome
Then the Phoenix will rise and that’s all- Rome

[Verse 2 - Pyrit:]
It’s like I just woke up in (Rome)
Everything around me say this country is (Rome)
You bring it back to gold standard like this is (Rome)
[?] kill you right in the street like this is (Rome)
And now we got women catchin’ plague like (Rome)
Armies killin’ people for religion like (Rome)
Fuckin’ politicians touchin’ kids like (Rome)
Police come get you right where you live like (Rome)
Horses and chariots (Rome) Judas Iscariots (Rome)
Gladiators in the streets battle to the death (Rome)
We all carryin’ (Chrome), turn you to (Chrome)
Leave you where you stand let another man clean the mess (This is Rome)
The gods wage wars in the sky (This is Rome)
The men on the ground with the pestilence and flies (This is Rome)
The plague is in the water supplies (This is Rome)
Find concubines pourin’ wines (This is Rome)
It’s time that the great beast dies (This is Rome)
Welcome to the feast you swines (This is Rome)
Entrance has made you mines (This is Rome)
Now you'll all exit my bowels at the same time (This is Rome)
We ain’t time travelin’, we talkin’ ‘bout the time we livin’ in
This modern roaming empire underneath Caligula
Close your eyes envision it
You can see imperial police in the streets beatin’ pleebs out their innocence
Welcome citizen, you can pay your penance to the Emperor now or get put with the prisoners
Are you listenin’?
Do what you are told or what you are told will be done to you, simple wisdom it
City sprawlin’ with soldiers on war horses
With chest armor armed forces for official employers
Roman source patrol off on the dogs roaming remorseless
‘Cause job shortage makes some rob to recoup losses
Full equipped with gods on high cliffs
Bombs from drone ships, it’s lightning from Zeus’ fist
18 A-list VIP as it gets
‘Cause pirate computer mix worth a trillion bits
2016, rulers with big dreams
One world, one Roman government, one currency
One slave populace from one goddess' ovaries
One love motherfucker and it ain’t for you or me
Totalitarian, barbarian
Motherfucker this is Rome say the name again
You got a favorite sin? Go commit it then
Livin’ ain’t safe in Rome, but we don’t give a shit (This is Rome)
CANIBUS This Is Rome lyrics, CANIBUS 2015


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