God$les$ America


Fait Accompli



The Necronomicon got us starving like ramadan
Standing road side with a piece of cardboard for chinese Juan
Isolate the subject from his friends family and his co workers
Minimum wage means no purchase, no job - no purpose
Run around praise the lord in churches
I pray to God my old sins don't surface
The 1st testament God gets jealous
Look at what he did to impress us
He stopped the world with a nuclear weapon
I beg him, please grant us one thousand years of peace
The East visit the West, the West visits the East
Brother should not war with brother
Our ancestors were stubborn
They kicked the can down the road for nothing
The burden of being black and murdered
Being whacked behind the curtain
But what if you really didn't deserve it?
Doesn't matter, they want blood - no less, no more
We are consumed by war, a slave class ya'll
Scraps on the table, forage for more food when I am able
So much abundance, praise Azazel
You have no heart, you have no conscious
Completely immoral, God bless the godless
Mud water boots drying off by the book of Genesis
A new way of life is imminent
You ain't special, they gonna get you
I ain't talking about nobody in particular, it's hypothetical
Think critical, reticle scan by sentinel
Everybody left the theatre sad but it was memorable
Cross over the boarder to Mexico
Pepe said "yo, if I was you, I would do that slow"
The God Zilla Nimrod, tomahawk look from the side
He screamed out he was from Brooklyn with pride
I refugee from guantanmo bay
But I ain't gotta go there for me to say it that way
Black rock, tungsten padlocks, land locked
No trash box, they said it was toxic, the readings were hot
They water boarded Mos Des, woke up couldn't go back to sleep
Blacktronica lounge, it was Tanya and me
We danced around in shanty town wearing hand me downs, wow
Back from the war, I drink brandy now
Whiskey sour after sundown, low crawl on the ground
Got sand in my mouth, I'm in Miami now, snapped out of it
Didn't know where I was, she messed up my buzz
She don't love me - but she gimmie massage
And no matter how bad things turn out today
When I watch her dance - it all goes away
A golden kazakh eagle saors over Hajj
Looking down at the crowds, it was just a mirage
The tenants in the house of cards
Are too big to jail behind bars
Their problems too big to solve
The body cannot be free when the mind is in prison
Ears that hear are no match for ears that listen
Eyes that see are no match for eyes that see through
Yes - I am a slave, and so are you
Bless, ignorance, weakness is a symptom of innocence
Pay your pennance, go join the prisoners
Chemtrails, airborne spills, destroy you sense of smell
Die now - die later, heads or tails
Photovoltaic array at red dawn before that day
Exactly what I saw I cannot say
In case you haven't noticed I practice patience - focus
Freemason emotion, cold - the coldest
Pagans and their potions, kidnap you under the oceans
It's hard to believe sea monsters wear clothing
Some live in the present, some live in the future
It doesn't matter cause we all live inside a computer
I was a mobile cell phone owener, wireless station controller
It didn't help my radiation exposure
From the higgs boson fermions and protons
At this rate I will always discover more songs
Upset, bored, nothing else to do but record
Or spend time with family and get ignored
No electricity of course
Now we can all sit down at the table and be a family of four
A great new attitude on life, in spite of being loved only a little
And even less liked
Find your ambitious side, the oods greatly stacked against my kind
But I still gotta try I ain't hating on the rich and the famous
I just hate the way they played us
They never give us qual exchanges
No individuals are named, they allocate false blame
No change just more of the same
They're inspired by their desires
A steady stream of water projected between a ring of fire
A pyre of fire
The devil never compromises, the leaders were wrong
Judgement comes down from the skies and fries us all
That's why they dropped the ball!
CANIBUS God$les$ America lyrics, CANIBUS 2014


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