Monkey Time


Boz Scaggs & Band



Back in '64 I was feeling 63
The strangest sort of feeling
Started creeping over me
It's not the kind of feeling
You would easily forget
My head started burning
And my knees began to sweat

I figured I was crazy
So I went back to my chair
But I looked into my mirror
And I just wasn't there
Just then the window shattered
And a monkey hit the floor
Looked like it was time for me
To make it to the door

But the monkey grabbed my coat
And took away my hat
And I don't remember
What happened after that
Except my friends hear the story
About how I left it all behind
Seems ever since that day
I've had that monkey on my mind
Tried to do my best
And make something of my life

So I cut off all my relatives
And then I left my wife

I've tried a hundred cures
Anything that I could find

But you know life ain't easy
With a monkey on your mind

Every time I make my mind up
I'm really gonna try
Well that monkey starts jumping
And looks me in the eye

Oh dig the monkey

Well something exploded
When the monkey got loaded
And we went out on the town
The monkey got so drunk
He started getting funky
It was hard to hold the poor boy down

He did the boogaloo the shoogaloo
The Eskimo the Hindu
He even made the teenage queen
Oh the joint started leaping
Everybody was a-freaking
The greatest show they'd ever seen
Then someone started screaming
And I woke up from my dreaming
Tried to get myself realigned

But it's all right
And it all comes easy
When you got a monkey on your mind

Dig the monkey
Oh one more time
Dig the monkey
BOZ SCAGGS Monkey Time lyrics, BOZ SCAGGS 1971


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