Keep On Keepin' On




[Verse 1:]
Well I have been given advice in my time
I have been crooked and I’ve stayed in line
I sometimes have bull’s eyes on top of my shoe
I may not be winning but I damn sure can’t lose

Keep your head in the clouds
Keep your hands on the wheel
Keep both feet in place on the ground
Keep your nose to the stone and keep your eyes on the prize
But I’ll keep on keepin on till the day that I die

[Verse 2:]
Well I can point a finger at the people that I see
But I have got three more pointing straight right back at me
So why does everybody want to make my wrong’s right
I may not be perfect but I’ll always get by

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3:]
I’ve walked out, crawled out and thrown out sometimes
But I’m man enough to pay for all the debts from my crimes
The hypocrites and liars want to advise me to death
But opinions are like assholes and I’ll keep mine to myself

[Repeat Chorus]
key:BLACKBERRY SMOKE Keep On Keepin' On lyrics


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